Our lives, this journey, can take us so many different places. It is filled with twists and turns, beautiful moments, and emotional struggles. So many of us face difficulties and challenges at different points throughout our life, and these moments can feel daunting, and even painful. We may feel alone; overwhelmed. Helpless, hopeless. We may become angry with others, and even turn against ourselves. We may struggle to find meaning or purpose in our life. Some of us may seek to explore and learn more about ourselves, and our way of being; to see just how far we can reach.

As we endure emotional struggle and painful experiences, when we search for meaning in our lives and seek understanding, we may find ourselves stuck in the past, or even in the future. We might lose sight of this moment, and of ourselves. Finding our anchor in the present, recognizing our wise inner voice and adaptive emotions, and reconnecting with the self in a new way along our unique pathway to healing, can teach us so much about who we are, what we need from ourself, and what we might need from those around us. Throughout this process, we may let go of long-standing behavior patterns or perceptions that are no longer helpful and discover what does help.

It can be so very hard to seek help and support, especially when you’ve been struggling and suffering for some time on your own. Reaching out is an incredibly important, courageous first step.

Please know, you are not alone.


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